Isibindi Community Project

In keeping with its community support mandate, the BCMDA assisted the Isibindi community project in Nceba Village with funding which provided much needed nutritional support.

“Our organization is 2 fold, offering residential care as well as care for children.” Explains Lane Robers, Centre Manager of the ISIBINDI community project. 

“ISIBINDI was started in 2008 in response to the findings of a community assessment where it was found that the majority of children admitted into residential care facilities came from Nceba Village and Fort Grey. We are a preventative program that seeks to intervene in situations where children are at risk of being admitted to residential care. So we deal with social ills such as poverty, malnutrition, prostitution sometimes resulting in increased HIV/AIDS infections, and Tuberculosis which often leads to situations of child-headed households. Since 2008 our program has expanded to incorporate 6 different locations across Buffalo City.” 

“We established this Safe Park at our Nceba Village centre to provide a place where children can come and feel safe.” Explains Joyce Seyetwa, ISIBINDI Co-ordinator. “Here we offer not only nutritional support in the form of meals, but also educational support as well as peer support in the form of our youth forum. Our peer support program allows young people to talk freely about issues affecting them, and to work towards solving those issues under the supervision of our child advocacy and healthcare program. Our chief focus, though, is to provide these children with life and social skill to equip them to be better citizens outside this community.” 

The BCMDA’s financial support came just in the nick of time as the organization was running short of funding. 

“We were in a difficult position where we had applied for but were still awaiting for our grant funding from the Department of Social Development.” Said Joyce. “Thankfully, the BCMDA came through and it was a true answer to prayers. Some of the children we support report heart breaking stories where they sometimes are only able to receive a single meal, if at all, at home. Thanks to their help the children of this community are able to enjoy full meals instead of a slice of bread or a reduced portion of food.” 

“The BCMDA made a real difference in this community, in the lives of these children. BCMDA we thank you for the much needed assistance. Remember us, and remember the other NPOs that operate here in Buffalo City and think of the good work that we are doing. Your funding is making a big difference and a huge impact in our community.”