Our Vision

A City that is more welcoming and competitive with ample opportunities to invest, work, play and live.

Our Mission

Building a better City through facilitating andundertaking development initiatives.

Our Values

Striving to perform its functions in a professional and transparent manner guided by the highest levels of integrity.


In 2011 the Buffalo City Municipality attained metropolitan status, which subsequently led to a revising of the organisational structure to better align with the metro’s requirements. This resulted in the incorporation of BCMDA, with a new mandate. The primary mandate of the Buffalo City Metropolitan Development Agency is to: Attract investors to Buffalo City; Increase economic growth through tourism, economic and social development; Property management and commercialisation. The mandate was approved by the council on 11 December 2015 and can be summarised in the figure below:

Economic and Social

To conceptualise, plan and execute catalytic socioeconomic development project.


To serve as a tourism Agency of the Municipality.

Property Management and

To acquire, own, and manage land and buildings and/or rights to land and buildings necessary to enable it to achieve its aims and objectives.

Strategic Goals

As part of its planning processes the BCMDA assesses its strategic position in line with the prevailing conditions within the developmental context of the City, the Province and the Country at large. These planning sessions are conducted between Management and the Board as well as the Metro, as the current sole shareholder. For this 2020/21 financial year the following outcome orientated goals were adopted by the Agency:

Goal 1:

To create a financially viable and fully capacitated Agency delivering its mandate efficiently & effectively.

Goal 2:

To promote a dynamic tourist attraction destination through infrastructure investment & promotion.

Goal 3:

To acquire, plan, develop and manage land and buildings.

Goal 4:

To facilitate and deliver socioeconomic development programmes.