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The BCMDA engages in programmes which give effect to the primary mandate of the BCMDA. These projects are aimed at attracting investors into Buffalo City, as well as to increase economic growth through tourism, property management and commercialisation and economic and social development.



Corporate Partnerships

Mdantsane Eco Park Upgrade

The upgrade of the Mdantsane Eco-park was a part of the Good Green Deeds (GGD) programme. Coupled with this initiative was an Eastern Cape Waste Management System Project funded by the DEFF which focused on creating a collaborative approach to waste collection using Material Recovery Facilities (MRF’s) in partnership with waste entrepreneurs.

199 Jobs Created

Water World Upgrade and Expansion

The BCMDA oversaw the upgrading and expansion of Water World, a recreational facility built prior to 1994 which no longer responded to current needs. An open air amphitheatre with a permanent tensile structure, along with new water slides, interactive water features and sculptures, was created. This facility also boasts a series of urban outdoor gyms and dedicated kids’ areas (such as a skate park and jungle gyms).

100 Jobs Created

Court Crescent Development

This previously open space on the East London Esplanade has traditionally been used for seasonal activities or as a parking lot by default. The BCMDA has since transformed this area into a family-friendly multi-use space, incorporating an information centre, hawker stalls, upgraded ablutions, refurbished existing structures, kids’ play areas, local public art installations and outdoor gyms.

100 Jobs Created

Business Improvement Districts

The BCMDA collaborated with various Universities; business owners and local entrepreneurs as part of an initiative to collectively contribute towards the maintenance, development and promotion of the East London inner city. Small scale contractors were appointed to assist with key tasks such as street and sidewalk cleaning, graffiti removal, infrastructure development, beautification and the installation and upgrading of streetlighting.

50 Jobs Created

Integrated Beach Front Programme

The BCMDA oversaw the refurbishment and further beautification of the East London beachfront. The facelift included the upgrading and repair of existing braai areas, sheltered seating areas, ablution facilities and public walkways. Illegal dump sites were cleared and cleaned and waste receptacles and planter boxes were installed as part of this facelift.

50 Jobs Created

Inner City Safety Programme

The BCMDA appointed a security and safety service provider as part of it’s mandate towards developing a safer city. This was done in order to improve security for the vast student body in the area, along with other stakeholders in the business and tourism sectors. This serves to compliment and support the South African Police Services (SAPS) and other law enforcement agancies in the Quigney, East London CBD and Southernhood areas.

24 Jobs Created