Project Manager: Systems Administration

Task Grade 14
Salary: R707 693.37 Per Annum (Total Cost to Company)
Ref. No: BCMDA-VAC-007-22

• NQF 7 in a related field i.e Computer science/Information Technology or MCSE
• 5 years of proven ICT experience with 3 years or more appropriate server experience
• Public service experience will be an added advantage
• Extensive knowledge and understanding of ICT Governance Framework
• Experience in ICT Policy development

Key Performance Areas:
• Work independently to support servers, and maintain an active directory and proprietary services for all BCMDA users
• Monitor system logs and activity on all servers to maintain and ensure effective network performance.
• Provide documentation and technical specifications for planning and implementing new or upgrades to IT infrastructure
• Administrate, verify and restore backups to retain information for future use.
• Replace defective hardware on servers as necessary.
• Maintain and install updated software and hardware to keep abreast of technology.
• Set up and maintain server configurations by documenting all configuration changes to provide users with effectively operating servers and services by using server maintenance tools to eliminate and minimize server downtime.
• Ensure that adequate housekeeping and archiving procedures are in place by clearing temporary files, de-fragging drives on the servers, and prompting users to archive old data to maintain adequate storage space and speed of the network.
• Ensure adequate resources are available to the end-users by checking events and running processes on the servers to provide end-users with maximum performance benefit.
• Create and maintain Mail servers mailing lists and aliases to enable successful usage of email.
• Perform maintenance on user accounts. Add, remove and modify accounts as necessary.
• Maintain the integrity of staff accounts and data on the office file server. Perform recovery when possible
• Explore potential new services and feature enhancements to existing services. Work with management to specify and deploy new services by providing documentation and support for new services.
• Develop and test new servers and services, including writing scripts and patching existing source code as part of securing data
• Update server equipment inventory for tracking purposes
• Be proactive and advise BCMDA management on new Technologies.
• Provide IT support on all Desktops, Laptops, printers, etc
• Provides on-call consulting advice and technical support to various users and technical support staff regarding specific operational/applications issues
• Designs and develops advanced methods and procedures for collecting, organizing, interpreting, and classifying data for put and/or retrieval. Installs and debugs new and/or upgraded software on the server and ensures compliance with current site licenses, designs, and programs.
• Troubleshoots networks, systems, and applications to identify and correct malfunctions and other operational problems to ensure an effective network.
• Ensure systems for Payroll and Finance are running smoothly and if a problem requires service providers then a call will be made for the service provider to assist.
• Ensure secure operation of all servers and services through the use of security and encryption tools.
• The allocation of rights, privileges, and groupings of users to the network with their respective rights and privileges.
• Coordinate, monitor, and maintain security systems to ensure they comply with policies
• Establish and maintain a disaster recovery plan by ensuring that all servers are backed up accordingly, testing data recovery from tapes documenting procedures are adhered to and that backup tapes are stored in a safe place.
• Apply and maintain the defined security policy consistently across all servers/users by deploying group policies in the active directory to ensure the security of data on servers.
• Maintaining an Anti-Virus server by downloading the latest definitions and deploying them to servers and computers and safeguarding the organization against viruses and hackers.
• Maintaining software, patches, and service pack server by downloading the latest software updates from Microsoft or relevant websites and deploying them to all servers and computers within the organization to secure servers and computers.
• Maintaining licenses used on the systems to avoid legal action against the organization

Competencies, Skills and Attributes
• Knowledge of data management techniques, network systems, protocols, and applications
• Knowledge of data security and disaster recovery systems and procedures.
• Good Knowledge of server/PC architecture to identify, isolate and solve problems.
• Good written and spoken communication skills.
• Ability to communicate technical information to non-technical personnel
• Ability to develop and present educational programs and or/workshops
• Knowledge and understanding of LAN and WAN administration in a secure environment
• Ability to determine computer problems and coordinate hardware and or software solutions.
• Sound knowledge of script languages used and their application.
• Knowledge of current technological developments/trends in the area of expertise
• Ability to plan, implement, test, and troubleshoot system software.
• In-depth knowledge of cloud technologies

The post is based in East London and any inquiries regarding the content of the above post can be directed to Mrs. Fezeka Momoza on 043 -4922101


Candidates who are suitably qualified as per the minimum requirements for the posts set out in the advertisement are to submit a copy of their curriculum vitae together with a covering letter, along with the relevant required documentation for a specific post (i.e. certified copies of certificates, diplomas, degrees, identity document, drivers’ license and membership to various regulating bodies. Non-submission of the required supporting documentation may disqualify a candidate.

Fraudulent qualifications and information submitted will disqualify any candidates with immediate effect. Candidates are cautioned that documentation and information provided is checked with relevant authorities and fraudulent submissions may also lead to criminal charges being laid against persons involved in submission thereof.
Buffalo City Metropolitan Development Agency reserves the right not to fill any or all of the positions advertised.

Applications can be hand-delivered to BCMDA Corporate Services Division, 12 Esplanade Road, Quigney, East London, 5201, or emailed to

CLOSING DATE: 10th  June 2022

Should candidates not be contacted within thirty (30) days of the closing date, they may regard their applications as having been unsuccessful.

Preference will be given to Previously disadvantaged individuals including those with Disabilities respectively at the time of appointment.