BCMDA Hosts a Supplier Development Workshop

The Buffalo City Municipality Development Agency (BCMDA), an entity of the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality (BCMM), exists to encompass the Metro’s aptitude with respect to the identification, planning and implementation of development projects for the benefit of the entire municipal area. 

Trailing these upright strategic pulls, On the 2nd of August 2019, the Buffalo City Metropolitan Development Agency hosted a supplier development workshop as means to share the opportunities from the Water World and Court Crescent developments from a supplier point of view. 

Key topics discussed were in relation to the greater understanding of the opportunities that may be obtainable from these two developments to stimulate supplier potential as they relate to construction and means of supplier development, innovate development and business opportunities as well as available funding instruments. 

The main objective of the workshop was to ready the public with two of the Agency’s flagship projects: Water World and Court Crescent development. 

Opening and welcoming the audience, the BCMM Head for Economic Development and Agencies Hon Cllr Mzwandile Vaiboom emphasized on the need to pull all strings in developing the economy of the city. “A lot of work needs to be done; let us all efficiently utilize the given opportunities and resources to grow our economy,”he stated. While the BCMDA Chief Executive Officer Mr Bulumko Nelana outlined the objectives of the workshop describing it as an initiative to enlighten the public about the two flagship projects of the Agency and their packages. 

BCMDA’s Dr Eldrid Uithaler the Executive Manager for Development Facilitation presented the overview of the infrastructure development program for the Water World and Court Crescent. 

Various presentations were made by various speakers covering the important aspects of a good contractor and paths to follow in growing within the industry. Speakers from funding sources gave clear and simple overview of the terms and conditions that need to be followed in seeking for funding. 

The following are the main concerns from the public: 

  • Funding instruments available 
  • Development of local enterprise
  • Opportunities / benefits from these two upcoming projects
  • What are the plans that the Agency has for the SMMEs not to fail?
  • What does BCMDA do to support women in construction? 
  • Linking big contractors with small contractors 
  • What are the plans to develop orient boxing precinct?
  • How to prevent mafia contractors? 
  • CIDB downgraded the construction industry 
  • How is the 30% of SMMEs structured?

BCMDA CEO closed the workshop by thanking all the attendees for taking their time to honor the invitation and for their valuable input.